Saint Hyacinth Roman Catholic Church

Serving God, America & Polonia since 1907.

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3151 Farnsworth

Detroit, MI, 48211

313 – 922 – 1507

Parish Office Hours

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Friday

10 am – 3 pm

About Saint Hyacinth Parish

Founded in 1907, Saint Hyacinth is located on the eastside of Detroit in an area commonly known as Poletown. In the early 1900's the polish population was rapidly growing and the ever-increasing number of Poles North and East of Saint Albertus Parish prompted a new parish to rise. Bishop John Foley challenged Rev. Father Sylvester Kolkiewicz to build a new parish and with this tremendous honor, Saint Hyacinth Parish was founded on May 8, 1907.

Still an active parish today, Mass is continually offered as well as Sacraments of baptism and marriage. Proudly carrying on the heritage of our Polish ancestors, Saint Hyacinth is a beautiful place to worship because of the rich offerings and history embedded in the walls. We welcome you to visit Saint Hyacinth - please come here to share in your heritage and most importantly to join with us in the celebration of the Mass.

We would also like to invite you to join us for Mass or one of the many special events we have planned. Whenever you gather at Saint Hyacinth to celebrate the sacrifice of the Mass or one of our events or festivals, surely the memories of days gone by fill your mind. These are the treasures of the past. Please join us as we build the memories and treasures of the future.

Saint Hyacinth Parish Mission Statement

We, the members of Saint Hyacinth Parish, while preserving and promoting our Polish Heritage, welcome and serve all community members through prayer, example and good works. We seek to be a guiding light to all God's people through our spiritual and social activities.